4 ways to elevate your profile

Your profile section is what event organizers see when deciding to hire you.


Your photo is the first impression you'll make. Make sure you're wearing Kudo standard attire, and remember your smile. :)


Location, location, location. Make sure you update your location to match where you're looking to work. Without a location, you won't see any events. (The app searches a 50mi radius).


Update your PayPal email address so you can get paid automatically 24 hours after each event.


About you. Here's an opportunity to share what you have to offer.
• Keep it around 10 lines
• Use line spaces to break up each thought.
1. Tell "why" you're serving
2. Briefly state your skills/experience
3. Add any specialized skills
4. You may want to add a fun fact
5. Add your TABC and TX Food Handler's numbers.